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Woohoo!! My 1st Pluralsight Course is NOW Live

So at the back end of last year, Pluralsight approached me about creating a Course for them. I wasn’t sure what to do as a course, as there are so many fantastic courses for...


Attacking the SharePoint Server from the Inside – Part 1

So over the past year or so I have spent time talking and writing about “Hacking SharePoint“, and of course “Protecting SharePoint” A series of blog posts can be found here below: https://www.helloitsliam.com/2014/11/07/is-your-sharepoint-secure-what-can-the-hackers-really-get/ https://www.helloitsliam.com/2014/11/07/is-your-sharepoint-secure-what-can-the-hackers-really-get-part-2/...