Quick Update!!

As you know, starting in June of this month I left my job at Protiviti and started working for myself, creating a company called SharePlicity. So far so good, it has been more relaxing each day and I have been able to spend time with my wife and family more than normal. Don’t get me wrong I am busier, but now I get to control what I do each day and how my time is prioritized.

Change is Good!!

Well today, I am adding another update to this. I am proud to announce that I have also joined the Rencore Team as Product Owner – Security. Official Post at Rencore is here: https://rencore.com/blog/liam-cleary-joins-rencore

My role as Product Owner – Security means I will help develop offerings to help organizations further understand and mitigate security and compliance risks, within SharePoint and Office 365 customizations. The core focus will be to identify, control and protect whether they are full-fledged customizations or out-of-the-box Office 365 functionality.

I am excited to work with my fellow Microsoft MVP‘s (Matthias EinigWaldek Mastykarz, Erwin van Hunen and Tobias Zimmergren) at Rencore, who I have known for a long time. Being one of the old-timer MVP’s (almost 12 years now), I remember when they each got their MVP award and I respect each of them for their deep technical knowledge and experience. I am looking forward to working with them and learning from them too, as well as the rest of the Rencore Team.

Liam Cleary

Liam began his career as a Trainer of all things computer-related. He quickly realized that programming, breaking, and hacking was a lot more fun. He spent the next few years working within core infrastructure and security services until he found SharePoint. He is the founder and owner of SharePlicity, a consulting company that focuses on all areas of Technology. His role within SharePlicity is to help organizations implement technology that will enhance internal and external collaboration, document and records management, automate business processes, and of course security controls and protection. He is also a Microsoft MVP focusing on Architecture but also crosses the boundary into Development. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). His specialty over the past few years has been security in SharePoint and its surrounding platforms. He can often be found at user groups or conferences speaking, offering advice, spending time in the community, teaching his kids how to code, raspberry PI programming, hacking the planet or building Lego robots.

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