Music Playlist – May 2018

So, for May, I decided to go with some unusual but fantastic Japanese Hardcore Dance. Don’t knock it till you have tried it.

Loveless – M1DY
Boogeymans Trail | GATE – TAROLIN
Acidcore Kanzeon – RedOgre
Initial Dope – RedOgre
Coordinate Like A Chimera – RedOgre
Sexy Turbo Steriod – RedOgre
Moondbound (Original Mix) – aran, Yukacco
Moon Glass – Srav3R
KCD Junction (Dustvoxx Remix) – RedOgre, Dustvoxx
SPARK OUT FREAKIN TERROR (Kobaryo Remix) – RedOgre, Kobaryo
Firstmode – Kobaryo
Oct Launcher 8 – RedOgre
Overclockin – M1DY
Goith – M1DY, M-Project
Innocent (Original Mix) – M1DY
Karuma – RoughSketch
Jihad – RoughSketch
Dear 58% Voters – RoughSketch
Aboot Phazo (Liqo Remix) – RoughSketch, Mad Child
Broken Toybox (P*Light Remix) – DJ Noriken
Starlit Sky – Yukacco, Dj Genki
Judgement – DJ Myosuke
Scars – Kobaryo

If you like this, then check out these YouTube videos for some more:
RoughSketch Live Mix:
DJ Cotts – Ultimate Japan, Happy Hardcore Mix:
DJ Cotts – Ultimate Japan 2, Happy Hardcore Mix:

Liam Cleary

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