Research Report and Webinars

Earlier this year, I had to chance to be a part of a Cyber Research Project in conjunction with Christian Buckley ( from CollabTalk ( and the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University ( This project was about Microsoft Cloud Services and the Security that is available. The goal of the research was to see if and how organizations utilize(d) these Security services for their protection. The output of this was some specific research information, as well as the report which is now available for download via the Rencore website.

To go with this, we also did a Webinar sponsored by Rencore, which you can now watch here:

You get the joys of listening to Myself (@helloitsliam), Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet), Dux Raymond Sy from AvePoint (@meetdux), Chris Givens from Solliance (@givenscj) and Waldek Mastykarz from Rencore (@waldekm).

Along with this webinar and the report, I am also presenting a few other Webinars that relate to Security over the next

April 12th, 2018 – 2PM EST
Session 1: Initial compromise: How attackers break in
Today, hacking tools are so easy to find and use that attackers no longer need specialized skills and knowledge; they simply deploy the tool of their choice. As a result, attacks are more frequent than ever, and it’s critical for internal information technology and security teams to spot them quickly. The key to protecting your environment is knowing what types of attacks to look for.
Registration can be completed at the following link

April 24th, 2018 – 2PM EST
Session 2: Hiding in plain sight: How attackers move through the network undetected
Once attackers have breached the perimeter, they often lurk in the network for months, looking for valuable data to steal. To stay hidden, they try to make their actions blend in with normal traffic.
Registration can be completed at the following link

May 2nd, 2018 – 7AM EST
Understanding GDPR within Office 365

May 8th, 2018 – 2PM EST
Session 3: Privilege escalation: How hackers get elevated permissions
Often, to inflict damage on critical systems or steal the data they want, attackers need administrative-level access. Gaining those permissions is not a simple task since most operating systems now have built-in protections against privilege escalation. But many attackers do succeed.

Registration can be completed at the following link

Liam Cleary

Liam began his career as a Trainer of all things computer-related. He quickly realized that programming, breaking, and hacking was a lot more fun. He spent the next few years working within core infrastructure and security services until he found SharePoint. He is the founder and owner of SharePlicity, a consulting company that focuses on all areas of Technology. His role within SharePlicity is to help organizations implement technology that will enhance internal and external collaboration, document and records management, automate business processes, and of course security controls and protection. Liam also serves as the Principal Technology Advisor at Rencore, where he is helping to develop offerings that help organizations further understand and mitigate security and compliance risks, within SharePoint and Office 365 customization's. His core focus will is to identify, control, and protect whether they are full-fledged customization's or out-of-the-box Office 365 functionality. He is also a thirteen-time Microsoft MVP focusing on Architecture but also crosses the boundary into Development. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). His specialty over the past few years has been security in SharePoint and its surrounding platforms. He can often be found at user groups or conferences speaking, offering advice, spending time in the community, teaching his kids how to code, raspberry PI programming, hacking the planet or building Lego robots.

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