Protiviti’s 2015 IT Security and Privacy Survey

As you probably all know by now I work at Protiviti. We were acquired a couple of years ago and became part of the big corporate world again. You also probably know that I don’t really post anything related to work normally on my personal blog, however I wanted to today, and talk about the “2015 Security and Privacy Survey” that was done recently. Firstly the title describes well the world that we live in from a Cyber Security perspective “The Battle Continues – Working to Bridge the Data Security Chasm“.

You can get your own copy of the results using the link below:

There is also an infographic that takes some of the key data and makes it easier to understand not just the purpose but what the results mean too.

The core findings outlined in the document really show us what we are facing as organizations as well the areas where we do well.


As a person who works with SharePoint and it’s associated platforms I am particularly intrigued by these results:


This is the exact issue that we have seen with lots of organizations, a lack of clear understanding of what they own, how much and why it’s there when migrating to something like SharePoint. So it seems that this is not a SharePoint specific issue, but that it could help by storing content in a platform that allows for the business as a whole to always sit in the “Excellent Understanding” category.

As we understand our data, the quantity, it’s requirements for storage, retention and destruction it becomes more valuable, which in turn will force us to be more security conscience with the solutions we choose to house what we have.






Liam Cleary

I work as an Associate Director for Protiviti in Virginia. My main focus is to ensure that SharePoint can either natively or with minimal customization meet the business requirement securely. I am currently a SharePoint MVP focused on Architecture but also cross the boundary into Development and Security. I am often found at user groups, conferences speaking, offering advice, spending time in the community, teaching my kids how to code, raspberry PI programming, hacking the planet and sometimes building Lego robots.

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