Privacy and Windows 10

So as you may have seen by now, Windows 10 has caused quite a few differing opinions on privacy and security. Lots of people have posted about different things from the information that gets sent to Microsoft to the new Wifi features.

If you have nothing to hide then in reality you don’t really need to worry, or do we live in a world where we are now all paranoid about our privacy?

Check these posts for more details:

If you are Paranoid about this and want to restrict what Windows 10 can do, then head over to the following link:

You can go direct to the “GitHub” site using this link, and yes the repository is called “WindowsLies” 🙂

Now the choice is yours as to whether you use something like this, as always make sure you review the script before you just randomly run something on your machine.

Liam Cleary

I work as an Associate Director for Protiviti in Virginia. My main focus is to ensure that SharePoint can either natively or with minimal customization meet the business requirement securely. I am currently a SharePoint MVP focused on Architecture but also cross the boundary into Development and Security. I am often found at user groups, conferences speaking, offering advice, spending time in the community, teaching my kids how to code, raspberry PI programming, hacking the planet and sometimes building Lego robots.

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