Windows 10 Upgrade “Read the Options”

So probably like most of you, I kicked off a Windows 10 upgrade on my laptop. I am sure you have seen these screens before:

The upgrade seems to have gone well so far anyway, but that is not why I wanted to post. When setting up Windows 10, you can choose the Express Settings or Custom. I highly recommend the Custom so you can see the following choices, if you are running an upgrade then you can change these settings later:

Windows 10 generates a unique advertising ID for each user on each device. That can be used by developers and ad networks to profile you and all you do.

Now the Location setting and sending data to Microsoft is typical but you should review that anyway. However the last two are important, in what world would you ever want to connect to “suggested open networks“? And then why would you want to “connect to shared networks form your contacts” which also infers that you are one of those contacts for other people.

To add to this Krebs has posted this blog post this morning too:

Also a great post about some of the other Privacy Concerns with Windows 10.

As always make sure you read the options before blindly just accepting them.

Liam Cleary

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