Microsoft MVP Award

It is that time again, April 1st, where I remember receiving an email telling me back in 2007 that I had been awarded the “Microsoft MVP Award” for my contributions to the community for SharePoint. At first I didn’t know what that meant, and when I then found out, I thought it was an April Fools Joke.

Today is now 8 years later from that very first email, and each year on April 1st, I have been honored to receive the same email. Today I received the email awarding me again for the 9th time in a row.


There are a few of us in the SharePoint Community that are the “Old Timers“, even a few who are even longer than that. It is such a great honor to be recognized for the efforts put in. Every year I wonder if I have done enough, so a big thank you to Microsoft, and whoever else they use to validate it (still after all this time, I have no idea how it works, really). I am grateful to my wife Lisa, for putting up with the commitment that is required to be part of the SharePoint Community, Speak and Travel at events. I am sure all of us that are MVP’s and/or active members of the community, really appreciate our husbands, wives or partners for putting up with the very real sacrifices that we all make.

Looking forward to another great year, see you at a conference somewhere 🙂

Liam Cleary

I work as an Associate Director for Protiviti in Virginia. My main focus is to ensure that SharePoint can either natively or with minimal customization meet the business requirement securely. I am currently a SharePoint MVP focused on Architecture but also cross the boundary into Development and Security. I am often found at user groups, conferences speaking, offering advice, spending time in the community, teaching my kids how to code, raspberry PI programming, hacking the planet and sometimes building Lego robots.

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  • Congrats Liam! Well deserved, sir. Apparently you’ve not yet hacked into the wrong SharePoint sites 😉

    • helloitsliam

      Thanks Christian, I am sure I can remedy that somehow 🙂